Project Area: Infrastructure

Actual Ballot Text

(22) $2,447,774 for the construction of the Carolina Avenue Connector, a new road with related infrastructure between South Main Street and the campus of the Greenwood Genetic Center on Liner Circle in Greenwood;

Project Overview

The project proposes to construct the Carolina Avenue Connector identified in the 2012 Edgefield/South Main Master Plan.

According to the Master Plan, “Carolina Avenue could provide a direct connection between the Greenwood Research Park and Uptown Greenwood for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.” The connection would improve the link to the now under construction Clemson University Center for Human Genetics and Uptown Greenwood area. The project would further create a “gateway” into the Greenwood Genetic Center Research Park and showcase the Greenwood Railroad Historical Center at 908 South Main Street. The Carolina Avenue Connector is identified in three (3) phases:

  1. South Main Street to Edgefield Avenue,
  2. Edgefield Avenue to the existing Liner Circle
  3. Culminating with the construction of a traffic circle at the entrance to the Greenwood Genetic Center Research Campus.

The new roadway includes a “complete street” design with decorative street lamps, 5’ wide concrete side walk, 8’ wide multi-use path, and irrigated trees, shrubs, and ground covers. The investment of Capital Project Sales Tax (CPST) funds is estimated to provide funding for a minimum of one of the project phases with the full road and infrastructure cost estimated between $5 and $6 million.