Project Area: Infrastructure

Actual Ballot Text

(16) $1,747,000 for the modeling and study of flooding within watersheds of Greenwood County;

Project Overview

Greenwood County, like most of South Carolina, experienced considerable flooding during the significant storm events October 3–4, 2015 and additional flooding later in 2015. Greenwood County proposes modeling (engineering study) of four watersheds and drainage basins. The four drainage basins drain into Sample Branch, Rocky Creek, Curltail Creek, and Wilson Creek. A policy will be developed and recommended to reduce future increases in flooding.

Evaluation of the watersheds will include data gathering, hydrologic modeling, hydraulics modeling with future flowrates, and an analysis of alternatives. Potential solutions will be developed and evaluated as a part of the comprehensive flood control program. The solutions may include channel improvements, flood storage, property acquisition, and/or culvert/bridge openings.