Project Area: Infrastructure

Actual Ballot Text

(7) $1,569,339 for the replacement of certain sewer lines and the construction or refurbishment of a pump station in the area of the Carnell Bridge in Ware Shoals;

Project Overview

There is presently a 24” sewer line that parallels the Saluda River from the Carnell Bridge to the existing Ware Shoals Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) off of Dairy Street. The existing line is estimated to be 50 to 60 years old and was originally installed by Riegel Textiles to transport the industrial wastewater from the Riegel Mill Site located near Town Hall to the WWTP for disposal. The condition of the line is extremely poor. It is the opinion of third party engineers that the line is subject to eminent structural failure and could further deteriorate to the point that the aerial pipe on piers could collapse and create an environmental hazard with the spill of raw sewage into the Saluda River (that flows into Lake Greenwood). The plan calls for the abandonment of this line and installation of a new 18” force main from Honea Path Street/Circle Street to the WWTP.

Funding is also providing for upgrades to the WWTP to include barscreens and flow monitoring devices and the installation of a new pump station at Carnell Bridge.

This is only a portion of the funding the Town of Ware Shoals requires for this project. The Town will seek additional funding sources.