Project Area: Public Safety

Actual Ballot Text

(3) $4,858,409 for the implementation of a countywide public safety radio system;


  • Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office
  • Greenwood Police Department
  • Ware Shoals Police Department
  • Ninety-Six Police Department
  • Lander University Police Department
  • Piedmont Technical College Safety
  • Greenwood County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Greenwood City/County Fire Services (Includes all Volunteer Departments)

Project Overview

Interoperability is the ability of public safety personnel (police, fire, and EMS) and agencies to talk and share data in real time, when needed and as authorized. Real­time data exchange is critical to public safety. Communications interoperability is often a challenge because public safety agencies use radios that operate in various frequency bands. Just as an AM radio cannot pick up an FM radio station, public safety radios in one frequency band cannot pick up transmissions from those operating in another band.

Current public safety services throughout Greenwood County operate a variety of different public safety radio systems including Very High Frequency (VHF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF), and 800 megahertz (MHz). With the diversity of systems, cross communication and interoperability is often incompatible, particularly during critical incident response, mutual aid events or joint task force operations. Additionally, there are currently rural areas of Greenwood County (particularly in the southern area of the County) where radio reception is almost nonexistent. In these areas of Greenwood County, public safety officials only have access to cellular phone service.

Funding would be used to purchase equipment and move the Greenwood public safety community to a compatible radio frequency.