Project Area: Public Safety

Actual Ballot Text

(5) $14,242,921 for the implementation of the Fire Service Master Plan adopted by the Greenwood County Council, including but not limited to the renovation and equipping of existing fire stations, the construction and equipping of new fire stations, and the construction of a public safety training facility;

Project Overview

In May of 2015, Greenwood County adopted a Volunteer Fire Service 8 Year Master Plan.

The plan established a goal of investing in Greenwood County’s fire service to improve volunteer and staff safety and improve Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) ratings for the County. The $14,242,921 is proposed to be invested in the County’s fire service program to construct approximately 6 new fire stations, invest in renovations of 8 current volunteer stations that are 30-year old buildings, and purchase a various fleet of new fire service vehicles to replace outdated and inadequate apparatus. Additionally, the construction of a public safety training facility is proposed to provide training for all Greenwood County public safety agencies. The public safety facility could have components to include but not limited to a four-story training tower with burn room, a paved driver training area, a shooting range, and indoor classroom space.