Project Area: Public Safety

Actual Ballot Text

(25) $1,468,664 for the purchase of a platform fire truck and related equipment for the City of Greenwood Fire Department;

Project Overview

The purpose of this expenditure is to purchase a new 100 foot rear-mount platform/pumper fire truck to replace the City of Greenwood’s 1973 American La France Ladder Truck. Besides the obvious advantages of being able to rescue trapped victims in multistory buildings and fight large fires from an elevated position, ISO (Insurance Services Office) requires the City department to maintain a first out and reserve aerial device. Unfortunately, the current reserve aerial doesn’t meet any modern safety requirements nor does it have the capabilities needed to effectively and safely operate on an emergency incident. In 1973, the fire apparatus safety standards were minimal and didn’t take into consideration safety issues such as rollover stability, crash test certification, seat belt anchor testing, occupant restraint systems and audible and lighting warning systems that today’s fire apparatus does. In addition, once the 1973 aerial is placed into service, firefighters have to climb to the top with approximately 65 pounds of gear on and if rescue is required climb down with one victim at a time. With modern aerials firefighters only have to climb into the bucket and then be elevated to whatever height is required and if a victim or victims needs rescuing, they can be placed in the bucket and lowered to ground level without having to climb down. Finally, our 1973 aerial has no pump so a pumper must be deployed with it in order to supply water to the aerial device which can monopolize valuable resources needed elsewhere, whereas modern aerials have a built-in pump and water tank and does not have to rely on extra resources to be placed into service. In conclusion, due to safety issues, operational inadequacies and age of our 1973 aerial, it is imperative that it be replaced.