Project Area: Public Safety

Actual Ballot Text

(15) $1,326,535 for the purchase of a records management system for the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office and the Greenwood Police Department;

Project Overview

The purpose of this request is to purchase a new integrated Records Management System (RMS) for the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office (“Sheriff”), the Greenwood Police Department (“GPD”), Greenwood County Detention Center (“Detention Center”) and Greenwood County 911 Dispatch (“911”). RMS has become a critical law enforcement tool.

The need for good record-keeping and information-sharing practices in today’s law enforcement community is imperative. Law enforcement agencies must communicate agency to agency and across all governmental boundaries (state, federal, etc) to protect a community’s citizens. RMS is the programs and systems that manage records that are essential to the investigative, arrest and judicial process.

Between the Sheriff, GPD, Detention Center and Greenwood County 911 Dispatch, roughly 90,000 “records” are produced annually. The agencies have been managing digital data records since 2000. Therefore, there are presently 1.5 million records managed.